You will not be just another client, nor will we be just another MGA.

Here, you will be part of the team, proximity and trust is our flag and together, we will hoist it because if you win, we win.



Turnaround time within 24 hours, agility-focused and flexible. Direct communication with the underwriting team.


We reduce bureaucracy to a minimum when it comes to resolving the claim. Highly qualified local team.


NuVu es una Insurtech que está a la vanguardia de la operativa digital.

NuVu is a key partner for insurance companies wishing to access a growing distribution network, an expertise in the lines we write and an efficient operating model based on an ad-hoc IT system covering all areas: underwriting, claims management, regular reporting, compliance, data analytics, automation of economic flows and control of delegated capacities.

Our experience and knowledge in business niches and our expertise mean that the most specialized insurance brokerages in Spain and Portugal trust NuVu.

NuVu is an Insurtech at the avantgarde of digital operations.

After several years of exhaustive work in data collection, risk segmentation and thanks among other things, to Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Analytics or Know your Customer (KYC), at NuVu we have a comprehensive platform developed internally that allows us to adapt pricing for any given risk, thus reducing the asymmetry of information.

This impacts the entire life cycle of our products by improving the quotation and document issuance processes, involving other departments like claims management or accounting, giving us the ability to respond to our insurance brokers within 24 hours through direct communication with the underwriting team.

Transport insurance covers loss and/or damage to the insured goods during transit by any means and protects an exporter or importer from eventualities that may occur during transport, anywhere in the world.

The purpose of this insurance is to cover financial losses that unintentionally occur, due to errors or omissions, the professional may have caused to his clients in the exercise of his profession, as well as the losses that may arise therefrom.

2x1. We offer a combined losses in transit cover together with errors and omissions product cover, the most comprehensive product on the market for any player in the logistics chain.

This product is specially designed to cover the possible liability derived from acts that officers and/or directors may generate in the exercise of their position. It protects the members of the board of a company and the individuals who hold management positions, whose decisions compromise the company against third parties.

Our policy covers the loss of license (temporary or permanent) of a commercial pilot due to illness or accident, with the most extensive covers in the market.

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