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Cargo insurance

This product is mainly intended to cover the risks inherent to the transport of goods, whatever their scope and mean of transportation: land, sea and air. We write:

Professional Liability

Professional Liability Insurance protects the assets of your business against claims from your clients for errors and omissions in the work or service you have performed.

360 Logistics

2x1. Combined overs for goods damage and professional liability.

Directors and Officers Liability (D&O)

Protects personal assets of corporate directors and officers against claims from third parties, for actual or alleged wrongful acts in managing a company.

Loss of License for Pilots

This is a policy that covers the loss of a commercial pilot's license due to illness or accident.

In the event of illness or accident, the pilot no longer receives his salary because he is unable to perform his work. The purpose of the insurance is to protect the pilot financially so that he does not lose income.